Vodacom Bulls Babes

The Vodacom Bulls Babes Team for today!


Chardinne OppermanKeneilwe Caroline NhlaneBoitumelo Tish Leshoeli
Carmen Olympia Mildenhall  *Raquel LopoKirsten Francis
Sjandri Els

Carmen Olympia Mildenhall

Carmen Olympia Mildenhall

Date of Birth:
30 July 1985

Place of Birth:

Favourite Superhero:
Captain Marvel

Ballet teacher and blogger

Favourite Type of Dance:
Ballet, Irish dancing and of course, Bulls rehearsal!

Favourite Vodacom Bulls player:
Am I allowed to say the whole team?

Why do you love being a Vodacom Bulls Babe:
It gives me the opportunity to dance whole heartedly, it pushes me to better myself, I get to wear bomb gear and outfits AND I get to be part of #BullsFamily.

Social Media:
IG: @carmenolympia